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Washington, United States
Camping at Dry Falls 8/6/2010 ~ 8/8/2010
Hawaii 2010 Memorial Day, here we come! This time we will spend a whole week in Hawaii, I will be surfing, David will be lying on the beach and reading some interesting books. At 5pm we will go to our favorite hotel to get a lovely Mai Tai coctail for only 4 bucks. Can you believe it? On a Waikiki beach in the middle of the... 5/21/2010 ~ 5/30/2010
When David is NOT in the kitchen.. This is what happens, when David is not in the kitchen. I am hungry and the cats are hungry as well. :D 12/4/2009 ~ 12/11/2009
Czech St. Moritz It was my very first visit in czech highest mountain, Krkonose. David wanted me to see it. It truly was amazing! 12/27/2009 ~ 12/30/2009
B-Day celebration! Well, I am turning... and David prepared a day full of surprises. :-) Best husband ever! Really can't wait, what today will bring? 1/16/2010 ~ 1/17/2010
California 2009 This time we will visit Silicon Valley, and will go down to Santa Cruz, Monterey and to see the big Sur. 10/2/2009 ~ 10/5/2009
Lake Chelan Looks like the weather will be lovely again this weekend! We decided to go to Lake Chelan - never been there and simply want to find out, what is the buzz all about! :-) 7/31/2009 ~ 8/2/2009
Miami and Bahamas Second trip to Bahamas this year! This time from Miami with Norwegian cruise line... 7/4/2009 ~ 7/10/2009
Spring Travel Contest Looking forward to this fun contest! 4/13/2009 ~ 4/30/2009
Seattle biking trip We decided to kick out the biking season with a trip through Seattle. We started in Fremont... 5/14/2009 ~ 5/14/2009
BarCamp Seattle BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. It is an international network of user generated non-traditional social conferences— open, participatory workshop-events, whose... 6/13/2009 ~ 6/14/2009
From Seattle to Prague and Zlin I am going to Czech Republic to visit my family! This year for long three weeks! Pretty excited. Will fly in to Prague, stay for couple days and then move to Zlin (Small town almost on the border with Slovakia.) Follow my adventures on a day-to-day basis. I am wondering, how is Prague these days and what changed in... 5/12/2009 ~ 5/31/2009
Pacific Beach Getaway This will be our first beach getaway this year! Stay tuned, will plan the trip shortly! 5/8/2009 ~ 5/10/2009
From New Orleans to Mexico Last year we visited the noble, party city New Orleans and took the Carnival cruise line to explore Mexico. ¡ole! 11/3/2007 ~ 11/10/2007